1A Resources

Each of these links will take you to the specific ARB level.

Level 1A

Alberta Reading Benchmarks for Adults (2nd ed.)

Rhyasen Erdman, Corrie (2014)

This resource provides an introduction to and overview of the Alberta Reading Benchmarks. It provides an in-depth description of the ARB levels.   Download Resource

Referencing Resources to the Alberta Reading Benchmarks

Anderson, Lorene and Shelley Goulet (2013)

This document provides resource-referencing guidelines for instructors and practitioners with a “starter list” of instructional resources that can be used at the various benchmarks.   Download Resource

Sharing the Journey with Adult Indigenous Learners: A Teaching Reading Strategies Guide

Pryce, Patricia (2013)

This guide was developed for practitioners working with Aboriginal adult learners. The guide includes a summary of philosophies, principles, and general teaching/learning strategies that aim to reflect Aboriginal perspectives to make the journey toward reading literacy more accessible and authentic.   Download Resource