1B Resources

Alberta Reading Benchmarks for Adults (2nd ed.)

Rhyasen Erdman, Corrie (2014)

This resource provides an introduction to and overview of the Alberta Reading Benchmarks. It provides an in-depth description of the ARB levels. Download Resource

Referencing Resources to the Alberta Reading Benchmarks

Anderson, Lorene and Shelley Goulet (2013)

This document provides resource-referencing guidelines for instructors and practitioners with a “starter list” of instructional resources that can be used at the various benchmarks. Download Resource

Sharing the Journey with Adult Indigenous Learners: A Teaching Reading Strategies Guide

Pryce, Patricia (2013)

This guide was developed for practitioners working with Aboriginal adult learners. The guide includes a summary of philosophies, principles, and general teaching/learning strategies that aim to reflect Aboriginal perspectives to make the journey toward reading literacy more accessible and authentic. Download Resource

Read Forward: A Series of Easy-To-Use Adult Reading Tests Referenced to the International Adult Literacy Survey.


Read Forward is a series of easy-to-use adult reading tests referenced to the International Adult Literacy Survey. This adult reading assessment resource contains thirty tests as well as answer keys, locator tests, results feedback forms, and a user guide. The Read Forward levels are aligned with the Alberta Reading Benchmarks. Download Resource